Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems: Enabling distributed energy trading, QUT, Power, Energy and Clean Technologies (PECT) Seminar series, September, 2019.

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Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems: Applications, Opportunities and Challenges, Salil Kanhere, Raja Jurdak, Ali Dorri, IEEE ICBC, 2019.

Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems: Applications, Opportunities and Challenges, Salil Kanhere, Raja Jurdak, IEEE Globecom Tutorial, 2018.

Towards an Optimized BlockChain for IoT, International Conference on IoT Design and Implementation (IOTDI), April, 2017.

Information Bang for the Energy Buck: Towards Energy- and Mobility-Aware Tracking, EWSN, Graz, Austria, February 2016.

Understanding Human Mobility from Twitter , Ecosciences Precinct Seminar, Brisbane, Australia, August, 2015.

Internet of Nomadic Things: Tracking Flying Foxes across Australia , AIIA Spotlight Speech, Canberra, Australia, March, 2015.

Long-term Tracking in Batmon: Lessons and Open Challenges, MLSDA Keynote Speech, Gold Coast, Australia, December, 2014

Long-term Continental Scale Tracking of Flying Foxes, IEEE SenseApp Keynote Speech, Sydney, Australia, October, 2013.

Towards Continental Scale Tracking of Flying Foxes, Invited talk at IEEE ISSNIP, Melbourne, Australia, April 2013.

Camazotz: Multimodal Activity-base GPS Sampling (presented by Philipp Sommer), IPSN, Philadelphia, USA, April 2013.

Towards Collaborative Localization of Mobile Users with Bluetooth, CONET Workshop at IPSN, Bejing, China, April 2012.

Android Genetic Programming Framework, EuroGP conference, Malaga Spain April 2012.

CSIRO Sensor Networks Research, MIT CSAIL, Cambridge MA. March 2011.

Adaptive GPS Duty Cycling with Radio Ranging for Energy-Efficient Localization, ACM Sensys, Zurich Switzerland. November, 2010.

Sensors and Sensor Networks Research at CSIRO ICT Centre, NEC Europe, Heidelberg, Germany. April, 2010.

Environmental Monitoring and Deployments, Biosecurity Workshop, Canberra, Australia, August, 2009.

Microclimate and Livestock Monitoring, Seqwater Workshop, Brisbane, Australia, March, 2009.

Multi-hop RFID Wake-up Radio: Design, Evaluation and Energy Tradeoffs, ICCCN’08, St Thomas, Virgin Islands, USA. August, 2008.

Adaptive Radio Modes in Sensor Networks: How Deep to Sleep, SECON’08, San Francisco, California. June, 2008.

Environmental Monitoring Through Wireless Sensor Networks, AUB seminar, Beirut, Lebanon. April, 2008.

Mote-based Underwater Sensor Networks: Opportunities and Challenges, UCI Seminar, Irvine, California. March, 2008.

Octopus: Sensor Network Control and Visualization, EU FP7 Prosense Support Action Workshop, UCD Belfield, Ireland. March, 2008.

Sensor Network Cross-layer Design: Balancing Performance and Generality, CSIRO seminar, Brisbane, Australia. January, 2008.

Reliable Symbol Synchronization in Acoustic Sensor Networks, IEEE Globecom. Washington, D.C. November, 2007.

Design Considerations for Software-Driven Underwater Sensor Networks, UNWAT Workshop. Valencia, Spain. October, 2007.

Software Modems for Underwater Sensor Networks, Oceans’07 Europe. Aberdeen, Scotland. June, 2007.

Cluster Aggregation Point for Load Balancing in Sensor Networks. WiSen Workshop Poster. Dublin, Ireland. June, 2007.

Wireless Sensor Networks: Design and Deployments, ICT Info Day. Brussels, Belgium. May, 2007.

Underwater Sensor Communication Systems, Marine Institute Water Sensors Workshop, Galway, Ireland. March, 2007.

Wireless Aerial and Underwater Acoustic Communications, ICDT. Cap Esterel, France. August, 2006.

Programming Model for Supporting Complex Optimizations in Sensor Networks, IPSN. Los Angeles, CA. March, 2005.

Energy-Aware Adaptive Low Power Listening, INSS. San Diego, CA. June, 2005.

State-Driven Energy Optimization in Sensor Networks, ICW. Montreal, Canada. August, 2005.

Modeling and Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks, PhD Final Defense. Irvine, CA. September, 2005. (Available on request)

Acoustic Location and Identification, ICPS?04. Beirut, Lebanon. July, 2004.

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