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NZ and Australia discuss trans-Tasman bubble, AM, ABC National Radio, May, 2020.

How Australia’s COVID-Safe App works, TV interview, ABC Evening News, ABC News TV Channel,April, 2020.

Coronavirus tracing app goes public, AM, ABC National Radio, April, 2020.

Qld reports no new COVID-19 cases, Channel 7 newsApril, 2020.

Research looks at how to quickly track COVID-19 cases after lockdowns, Brisbane Times, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and, April, 2020.

Movement restrictions can be more targeted to allow relaxing of blanket lockdowns, says researcher, Medicalxpress, April, 2020.

New tool to predict the global spread of dengue, Mirage News, Medicalxpress, Eureka AlertDecember, 2019.

Australia develops tool to predict spread of dengue fever,, December, 2019.

Australian scientists from CSIRO, QUT, Queensland Health track the spread of Dengue fever & other diseases from air travel, The Australian, December, 2019.

Modeling airborne disease diffusion,, October, 2019.

Next gen gas mask and real time disease surveillance named Eureka finalists, Mirage News, July, 2019.

Eureka finals for citizen science reef protection project, Mirage News, July, 2019.

30 Things you can do with a blockchain, Medium, March, 2019.

How IoT is being used for Australian agriculture in 2019, Tech Republic, March, 2019.

Using tweets and tourist travel data to predict the next dengue outbreak, Computer World, February, 2019.

HPE and Continental to launch blockchain platform for vehicle data sharing, CIO, February, 2019.

Radio Interview, ABC Illawara, February, 2019.

Radio Interview, 2NUR FM, February, 2019.

Radio Interview, 94.7 Pure FM, February, 2019.

Australian researchers reveal tool to track spread of dengue and other infectious diseases, Straits Times, February, 2019.

Data61 builds new disease tracker, InnovationAus, February, 2019.

Data61 using machine learning to track human infectious diseases in Australia, ZDNET, February, 2019.

CSIRO researchers build tools to map and predict infectious disease outbreaks,, February, 2019.

An Energy-Efficient GPS System to Uncover the Secret Lives of Flying Foxes, IEEE Spectrum, February, 2019.

Top 50 Blockchain Papers and Research Team: Lead You to the Frontier of Blockchain Academic Research, Medium, December, 2018.

Protecting the Right to be Forgotten in the Age of Blockchain, The Conversation, republished by Smart Company, October, 2018.

Establishing liability for autonomous cars, Radio Adelaide, April 2018.

Who is liable when a driverless vehicle crashes? The answer’s on the blockchain, Computer World, April 2018.

Assigning blame after an autonomous car accident, 2SER Radio, March 2018.

Who do you blame in an autonomous car accident?, 2UE National Radio, Talking Technology, March 2018.

Liability attribution for autonomous cars with blockchain, TripleM National Radio, March, 2018.

Who’s to blame when driverless cars have an accident, The Conversation, republished by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), March, 2018.

Automotive Blockchain: from Manufacturing to Security to Insurance, Altoros, January, 2018.

WIRED explains the way to the perfect battery (in German), WIRED Magazine Germany, November, 2017.

Batteries that last (almost) forever, Radio Interview, ABC Radio Goulburn Murray, July, 2017.

How to make batteries that last (almost) forever, The Conversation & republished by Australian Broadcasting Corporation, July, 2017.

How Blockchain could Revolutionise the Internet of Things, Forbes, June, 2017.

How intelligent machines can learn from each other, 2SER Radio Sydney, August, 2016.

Cooperative learning in Intelligent Machines, radio interview, Radio Adelaide, August, 2016.

What if intelligent machines could learn from each other, The Conversation, August, 2016.

Tracker sind überall (German for Trackers are Everywhere), Netzpiloten Online Magazine, March, 2016.

The implications of tracking animals and people, interview on ABC Radio, Goldfields-Esperance, WA, Australia, February, 2016.

Tracking humans, Radio interview on SYN, Melbourne, February, 2016.

Imagine what we could learn if we put a tracker on everyone and everything, The Conversation, February, 2016.

City bikeshare programs may make commuters more active, Reuters, June, 2015.

Hard yakka cultivates an internet of modern farming, Tech Republic, March, 2015.

The Architect of a Social Network for Scientists, TIME, November, 2014.

SMS service could spot the next Ebola outbreak zone, Wired Magazine UK, October 2014.

How An Intelligent Text Message Service Aims To Tackle Ebola In Western Africa, MIT Technology Review, October, 2014.

Solar-Powered Fruit Bat Trackers Could Turn Bikeshare Programs Into Data Fleets, Fast Company, January, 2014.

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