Trusted Networks Lab

I am the Director of the Trusted Networks Lab at QUT. The Trusted Networks Lab focuses on research in dynamic networks, including IoT, and on trust in these networks, using blockchain. The lab also focuses on modelling physical systems as networks and at understanding their dynamics and how they can contribute to higher level physical processes, such as diffusion of disease over a contact network in a population. The TNL has a strong research culture and promotes research excellence and depth, as well as real-world impact.

Current Students

Moid Sandhu, PhD student, CSIRO/UQ
Gabriele Marini, PhD student, CSIRO/University of Melbourne
Siddique Latif, PhD student, CSIRO/USQ
Ambrose Hill, PhD student, CSIRO/UNSW
Guntur Dharma Putra, PhD student, CSIRO/UNSW
Samuel Karumba, PhD student, CSIRO/UNSW
Pooja Gupta, PhD student, CSIRO/UNSW
Ahmad El Shoghri, PhD student, CSIRO/UNSW
Sidra Malek, PhD, CSIRO/UNSW

Past Students

Vikram Kumar, PhD student CSIRO/University of Queensland
Noralifah (Effa) Annuar, PhD student CSIRO/University of Queensland
Md Shahzamal,PhD student, CSIRO/Macquarie
Afaz Uddin Ahmad,PhD student, CSIRO/University of Queensland
Ali Dorri, PhD student, CSIRO/UNSW
Chuka Oham, PhD student, CSIRO/UNSW
Siddhartha Raj Bhandari, PhD student, CSIRO/University of Queensland, Australia
Ida Purnama, PhD student, CSIRO/University of Queensland, Australia
Izanoordina Ahmad, PhD student, CSIRO/University of Queensland, Australia
Saeed Khan, PhD student, CSIRO/University of Queensland
Ahmad El Shoghri, MPhil student, CSIRO/University of Queensland
Philip Valencia, PhD , CSIRO/University of Queensland, Australia. Now Research Engineer at CSIRO
Mahzad Kaviani, MPhil student, CSIRO/Queensland University of Technology/University of Queensland
Bryce Thomas, PhD, CSIRO/James Cook University, Australia. Now a Data Scientist at Amazon.
Ghulam Murtaza, PhD student, UNSW, Australia. Now eResearch Analyst at Intersect Australia.
Lukas Li, PhD, University of New South Wales, Australia. Now a Postdoc at SUTD.
Teddy Shih, PhD, NTUST, Taiwan. Now a postdoctoral fellow at Institute of Information Science, Taiwan.
Antonio Ruzzelli, PhD, University College Dublin, Ireland. Now a research fellow at UCD.
Alessio Barbirato, MSc, University College Dublin, Ireland
Jack Massey, University of Queensland, Honours
Lauren Yang, Honours, University of Queensland, Australia
Cameron Mcgill, Honours, University of Queensland, Australia.

Past Visitors

Yoan Martin, Industrial Trainee, Polytechnic Nantes
Quoc Nguyen ,Industrial Trainee, Polytechnic Nantes
David Pallier ,Industrial Trainee, Polytechnic Nantes
Nassim Hamdouch, Industrial Trainee, Polytechnic Nantes
Nawras Akroush, Industrial trainee, American University of Beirut
Ghassan Fakher, Industrial trainee, American University of Beirut
Maurice Abo Jaoude, Industrial trainee, American University of Beirut, now Masters student at EPFL
Aiden Haak, Industrial trainee, University of Queensland, Australia.
Christophe Agnes, Industrial trainee, Montpelier SupAgro, France
Ahmad El Shoghri, Industrial trainee,  American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Alexandre Barreira, Visiting MSc student, CSIRO/Georgia Tech/UTC, USA/France
Alban Cotillon, Industrial trainee, INSA Lyon Australia/France
Sofiane Moad, Visiting PhD student, INRIA, Rennes, France
Jonathan Hussy, Industrial trainee, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Tiziana Campana, Visiting PhD student, UCD Ireland
Morten Tranberg Hansen, Visiting Phd student, Aarhus University, Denmark
Thibaud Rohmer, industrial trainee, IRISA, France. Now PhD student at UCD, Ireland.
Justin Bush, industrial trainee, University of Melbourne, Australia
Jeremy Soh, industrial trainee, University of Sydney, Australia
Elizabeth Basha, visiting Phd student, MIT, USA. Now Assistant Professor at University of the Pacific, USA.
Dhinesh Dharman , industrial trainee, National Institute of Technology, Dargapur, India
Hassane Slaibi, industrial trainee, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Sebastien Bergeaud, Internship, EPITA, Paris France
Florian Pierre, Internship, EPITA, Paris, France
Alessandro Zampieri, Internship, University College Dublin
Jean-Francois Lagoutte, Internship, Ecole Polytechnique de Nantes 
Phillipe Bayle, Internship, Ecole Polytechnique de Nantes 
Olivier Pernet, Internship, ENSIMAG Grenoble France
Loic Petit, Internship, ENSIMAG Grenoble France. Now PhD student at Orange Labs, France.
Edward Oubrayrie, Internship, ENSIMAG, Grenoble France
Samuel Boivineau, Internship, Ecole Polytechnique de Nantes France
Thomas Chamaurd, Internship, University of Toulouse France

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