Open postdoc position in analytics on wireless embedded devices

The Distributed Sensing Systems Group has an open postdoc position in the area of analytics on wireless embedded devices.

Launch your Postdoctoral career, extend your professional network and greatly enhance your future in science and technology whilst solving problems in physiological sensing of animal species in marine environments. The postdoctoral fellowship is part of the CSIRO’s Active Integrated Matter (AIM) Future Science platform.  AIM is one of six Future Science Platforms funded by a new CSIRO cross-disciplinary initiative on future science that combines innovation in materials, robotics, sensing, and autonomy. Specifically, the main goal of this project is to develop energy efficient data analytics and machine learning algorithms for distributed embedded systems.

You will develop classifiers for small Internet of Things (IoT) devices, distributed machine learning algorithms that can overcome limitations of individual IoT devices, and algorithms that can augment limited on-board computational resources through calculations on a backend server or GPU cluster. In collaboration with an interdisciplinary research team, you will apply algorithms to tracking animal species in remote environments, in-situ measurements of physiology, health, and behaviour of animals, and indirect inference and monitoring of stressors, diseases, and physiological anomalies in natural ecosystems.

The main application area is to improve CSIRO’s monitoring capability in marine environments, however, the fellow will have an opportunity to apply the algorithms in several exciting environments, such as working with elephants in Africa, jaguars in Amazon rainforest, and water buffalos in north Queensland.

The full position details, including application instructions, are available via the CSIRO jobs site.

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